PT Multi Structure has proven track records in handling public and private construction projects in Java, including toll road constructions and maintenance, railway rehabilitation, clean water piping installation, regional / provincial / national road upgrade and constructions, bridge constructions, construction of universities, real estate construction for commercial developers and others construction projects.
  • Construction of Kamal Toll Gate and Intersection  also Construction of Kapuk Toll Gate at    Cawang-Tomang-Cililitan Toll, DKI  Jakarta (2007)
  • Extensive of Muara  Angke's Bridge at  Tol Cawang-Tomang-Cililitan Toll, DKI Jakarta (2007)
  • Periodic Rehabilitation of Cawang-Tomang-Cililitan Toll , DKI Jakarta (2007)
  • Relocation Taman Mini Main Tolgate to KM 18+600 and Poked around Taman Mini Main Tollgate at Jagorawi Toll Roads(2009)
  • Construction of Toll Gate of Satellite of West Bekasi -1  at Jakarta - Cikampek Toll Road(2009)
  • Roads Reparation of Busway, Corridor 4-7 (Dedicated)(2009)