Our first project in this region was the construction of Pertamina office in Plaju in 1974, not long after our establishment. Since then, we had built a representative office in Riau and tackled a wide range of construction projects in Sumatera.

Several on-going projects in this region are:
  • Sorek-Meranti Bay-Guntung road construction project, Riau (2004-2009)
  • Construction of Tempuling Airport building and facilities - Indragiri Hilir, Riau (2006-2008)
  • WP 25 General Earthwork, Roads and Waterways & Operation Cranes Heavy Transport Fleet and Survey, - Duri, Riau (2005-2007)
  • Tempuling Stadium Indragiri Hilir, Riau (2007)
  • Early North Duri project Duri, Riau (2007)
  • Road Construction on Sorek - Teluk Meranti - Guntung, Riau Province - Indonesia(2005)
  • Construction Services - Work Unit Rate (CS-WUR) Contract Package B No. 8542 OK(2008)
  • Roads - Works Baturaja - Martapura - Bts. Lampung.
  • Construction Services - Work Unit Rate (CS - WUR) Package A (Long Term).
  • Provision of MBC Well pad Construction and MBB Well pad Modifications Services (Ref. No. 91510031-OQ).