PT Multi Structure started operation in Sulawesi in 1979 at Kendari. In the past few years, we expanded operation to North Sulawesi.

Several on-going projects in this region are:
  • Periodic Molibagu-Mamalia road rehabilitation (package EIP-10), North Sulawesi
  • Buyat-Molobog-Molibagu road and bridge construction (package AY-06), North Sulawesi
  • Onggune-Pinolosian-Molibagu road construction, North Sulawesi
  • Road-Works Bungku-Bahodopi ( MYC-06) Provinsi Sulawesi Middle(2008).
  • Road-Works of Bitung-Manado-Worotican Provinsi of North Sulawesi(2008).
  • Tinanggea - Kasipute (ENRIP) ESR - 01, South East Sulawesi Province.
  • Sengkang - Impa Impa - Tarumpakae (EINRIP) ESS - 01, South Sulawesi Province.
  • The Civil Works For Manipi Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP).